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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


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don nich

I watched the video and passed it along to many friends. I was good for laugh, but it illustrates the lack of reality that exists within the So called "Canadian Arts Community". Do the artists of this country really believe that EVERYTHING they do should be accepted simply because the are Canadian and doing it in Canada? I am an active member of the arts community and am ashamed at some of the crap that is being presented as "Canadian Art". I believe strongly in the need for experimentation and new ideas in all forms of art. Where I disagree, is when self-absorbed experimental artists insist that they should be compensated by the public. There are more than enough rich left-wing supporters of the arts to fund these people. Traditionally this is how avante garde art was promoted. Patrons of specific art genres. These patrons gave because they wanted to. Canadian artists today seem to be saying that every citizen should be a patron and be forced to support them. Wrong. So very wrong. And it is harmful the concept of how culture should work. Culture should evolve in society. It should not be legislated into existence unless you agree to allow Governments to legislate it out of existence. You can't ask someone for money and then tell to mind their own business.

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