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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


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Sometimes people make decisions based on what the media or some organisation said, u believe too much that u are blinded from the truth. I know y'all westerners believe that debeers diamonds are conflict diamonds but it is not like that. I have lived in Botswana for a long time and i have stayed with bushmen a long time. If at all moving people to provide them with better anemities(spelling wrong), better health is wrong, them i guess many countries should be implicated also. If u feel that living in a desert is justified for bushmen, go leave there for few months, believe me y'all wont last for a month plus the weather is changing which means all indigenious plants they eat will soon perish and what they going to do, ask the SI to move them to a better place. Trust me SI wont even burge.


Thanks for the comment, Matters,

Even if you ignore all the evidence about how these people were treated, it's pretty apparent they want to be left to live in their traditional lands. To ignore that and move them "for their own good" is the kind of patronizing arrogance that was so common under the South African apartheid regime - and unfortunately, as you say, still common in many other places.

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