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Friday, October 19, 2007


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death shall be for everyone alive in this world but great pain for us is when another human being decide the death of any one like they did to this man i ever admired on his music works i have been in great pain like i loss my own heart never feel this pain before. but am sure the south african police and investigation depertment they will do they are work and make sure all who cause this pain to an innocent man like this they should be catched and the law should offer them what they deserve.

although this might take longer time to get into the bottom of this but whichever time and cost shall consume please please the progress must be accomplished

i am not only cry for him but i cry for the many number of innocent citizen in different country they have lost there life just becouse of armed robbery

remember we are the human being who we make all this things which in turn they are dangerous to our lives and we the people mostly we never feel a part of giving our generation good advice and thinking of expansion of appropriate economic activities that they could utilize those people who are capable to work to do so

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