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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


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Çek Mağdurları

Turkey’s Somalian Children

Turkey is carrying out a big “aid campaign” for Somali which is in the grip of drought and Prime Minister “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” leads this campaign.

Desiring to be the leader of Muslim countries in the middle east region , Turkish Prime Minister tries to show to the İslamic World that he is not indifferent to the “Muslim Somalian People”. He stands up to Israel in order to gain sympathy of Muslim countries.

However, he ignores a part of his citizens who trie to continue their lives under very difficult conditions in Turkey!

Because of the economic crises that have been experienced in Turkey, “bankrupt businessmen live under very difficult conditions”, and they are sought by the courts and police because of their debts.

When these businessmen are caught by the police, they are put into prison for five years. They do not have a prominent address and they constantly change the place they live in order not to be caught by the police. They are unable to receive treatment when they get ill, because in hospitals, the police check whether the person is sought or not by the courts. And if they have a job, they can in no way benefit from social rights since they are unable to make the social security registration.

And the most terrifying result is that “they can not send their children to school”, so the children can not take education. Because the legal residence address information is required for registration to the school. When the address information is given to the school, these information get saved in the address information system and the police comes to catch the wanted person because of his debts.

It is claimed that there are 400 thousand people in Turkey who are sought by the police and other military security forces because of their debts and that 70 thousand businessmen are still being kept in prison for their debts. When these numbers are commented together with the families of the businessmen, it means that there are 1,5 million people living under difficult conditions!

For giving treatment in hospitals, the hospitals sought for the condition that the person has a Social Security Organization registration. And if there is no registration in these security organizations, none of the family members can benefit from the treatment services. Because when a person makes such a registration, his residence address is detected by the police and the person can be caught.

These data means that 20 percent of the population live without social security.

These people are unable to receive treatment in the hospitals, and those of them who find a job work without social security in their work place and they can not send their children to school.

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